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What is Hostessing?

Well, that depends on what type of party you choose! I will go over those one by one in just a minute. First, I want to direct your attention to the picture to your left. This is the current Hostess Rewards flyer. You can tell by looking at the flyer how much you will earn based on the amount of retail sales your party totals to. Our average retail party is $600. Based on that amount, you, as the hostess, would earn $120 in {FREE} products!! That in itself is fabulous! But it doesn't stop there! You'll get 2 half price items and that beautiful hostess exclusive pictured...yours for HALF price!! No matter where your party lands on the *Jewelry Bar Total* tab, you will not pay full price for, how does that sound? So let me make it just a little bit sweeter, because I like to {spoil} my hostesses! You're going to get a gift, from me to you, for being so fabulous! Contact me today to get your party on the calendar!

Next, you need to decide what type of party you would like. The most common is a {Jewelry Bar®}. What is a Jewelry Bar® exactly? It's a unique concept to Origami Owl® that is really changing the dynamic of your typical home party. An Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® is a hands on experience where you as the customer can create a locket either for yourself or as a gift right at the party. You can actually chose your locket, charms, chains, and dangles right from the Jewelry Bar® and see exactly what it will look like before it is ordered! Your custom order will be shipped directly from Origami Owl®.

The next most popular party is the catalog party, or as we like to call it, the Take Out Party®. With this party, you share the Take Out Menu (catalog) with friends, family, co workers, etc and take their orders. You will be given a Take Out container with merchandise, take out menus, order forms and instructions. Take Out Parties® are great for friends and family near and far, and don't require a lot of time. You just need to get the orders turned in to me by the date agreed upon.

Another party type is the Facebook Party and it is becoming a hot way to party! These parties are put on by me, hosted by you. You invite your friends, family, etc. to be on Facebook on a certain date at a certain time. These types of parties are fast paced and engaging, all from your couch and comforts of home. These are great parties for week day nights, or even weekends!

I like to think outside the box and do things creative and different. Why not get a few friends together for happy hour at your favorite restaurant? How about an Ice Cream Social at your local creamery? We could even do a mid-morning party at your local Java shop! What about a make over special at your favorite beauty boutique? Let's hear those ideas and try them out! What do you have to lose? We are all busy with our lives, but making time for friends is important. I would be honored to be able to provide an excuse for the get together. I will make it worth your time and your guests, because you all are the heart of my business! Contact me today to get your party on the calendar!