What Dreams Will You Pursue?

The Origami Owl Opportunity -

Why should you join Origami Owl®?  I can explain 50 different reasons why, and so could my Owl Sisters!  But here are the main reason to take this opportunity serious.

{Extra Income}
Financial Freedom…even just saying it out loud gives a bit of comfort, especially to those who are on single family incomes.  What does financial freedom look like for you?  Are you wanting help to pay off some extra bills?  Maybe wanting to be able to add some date nights into your monthly routine.  Or, maybe that looks like being able to take the kids to Disney this summer, or that vacation to the beach you’ve been dreaming of. For some, it could make our kids wish to play sports come true.  For me, I want to go to College, and that’s why I originally reached out to my friend and mentor about the opportunity.  They say that 80% of people who join this venture are looking for financial freedom in one sense or another.  What would you do with an extra $600 per month?  How about increasing your yearly income by $10,000 or more?  Yup, it is possible friends!!

We lead very busy lives, some of us never stop running between work, school, volunteering, kids sports, spending time with friends and family.  Its crazy to think of adding another responsibility on your plate, or is it really?  To me, it makes perfect sense.  This is a business you sign on to take your own responsibility.  You are your own boss and make your own hours.  Where else will you find the opportunity to work only on Tuesday nights from 5p-9p?  Yup, that’s all the time it takes.  Granted, I work this as a full time venture, and therefore I’m working closer to 30 hours per week, but it pays to do that!!  In any situation in life you find yourself, Origami Owl® gives you the flexibility to work around it.  Are you a:
< Full time employee punching the time clock?  There’s time to run your business!  I managed it for over a year, it comes with challenges, but it is possible.
< Stay At Home Mom?  You can work this business at home and NOT spend 75% of your income on daycare!  Someone who is an inspiration to SAHM’s every where is Jackie Ulmer!!  She raised 2 children while working in a home office.
< College Student?  Where else can you schedule work around exams, and evening classes, and change of semesters, etc?   Have a term paper due?  No problem!
< Retiree?  You’re smart, capable, a little bit sassy and you want to work, in between or even during your trips around the country, or even the world!  Save that retirement and give yourself an extra nest egg or investment.

Let’s face it, every time I go to work, I end up at a party!!  This is FUN friends!!  Origami Owl® is a unique company in that we, Sister Owls, as I like to call us, lift each other up, help each other out, motivate, inspire, and support others.  The teams we have are nothing short than an amazing blessing to each other.  Making friends just comes with the territory.  We all have the opportunity to attend conventions, get together for team rallies and dinners, and earn an all expenses paid for /all inclusive company sponsored trip to somewhere fabulous!!  Um, we all want to be signed up for that!!  

This is something that took my breath away.  With the moment you sign on with the company, you’re going to be rewarded and praised for joining this journey!  With each and every accomplishment and promotion, there are going to be sister owls, along with the company, congratulating and celebrating you.  I’m not kidding!!  I have letters, certificates, emails, posts, texts, charms and swag to prove it!!  There are not many corporate or government jobs that reward you for the hard work you put in.  With Origami Owl®, you are in charge of your promotions depending on how hard you work.  The game isn’t about how fast you can go; quality is rewarded over quantity, and you will always be right where you were meant to be, with all us sister owls right beside you cheering you on!

{Personal Growth}
This is probably the least expected result, but also has the biggest impact on our lives, our relationships, and our businesses.  Over time, you’ll notice yourself growing and moving outside of your comfort zone.  You learn speaking skills, organizational skills, selling skills, customer service skills, and much much more!

I joined a company that I believed in from the get-go.  I was not a big jewelry person (didn't even wear jewelry on a daily basis), what appealed to me is the MEANING behind the jewelry.  I have learned so much I never knew before about jewelry!  How much do you know about jewelry?  Novice and expert alike are welcomed here!  What weaknesses do you have that will be a challenge for you?  Are you afraid of speaking in front of groups?  I am!!  Are you afraid to put yourself out there to network and increase your business?  I am!!  Are you afraid you’re not going to be any good at this?  I sure was too!  The jewelry sells itself friend, you just need to smile, share, and find joy in the journey!

If you would like some more information, I invite you to join me for coffee, ice cream, or even a walk around the park.  I’ll answer any questions you may have, give you some information to look over and ensure you a stress free, pressure free, judgment free informational meeting, along with time to think about it without me bothering you.  That’s my promise to you; I want you to be successful in whatever endeavor you choose to follow.


Laura Swofford

Independent Designer #40043